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The founders of, are Bob Brodsky and Toni Treadway. We have worked together since 1975 as filmmakers, technicians, authors and advocates for 8mm film.

We prefer telephone calls to email.

Telephone 978.948.7985 (hours, 9am-6pm EST)

E-mail to Treadway [at] LittleFilm [dot] ORG Please be patient.

If you feel compelled to email us a technical question, we ask that you read the entire website first. Many tech topics are covered herein. We set up many of these pages in the year 2000, and have not edited them since 2010 or so. Today your Internet search can find existing film labs and new filmmaking pages. In email, please be as precise as possible with your technical question. Include your telephone number, the best hours to reach you and your time zone. Thank you.

Classic snail mail:

Brodsky & Treadway
P.O. Box 335
tel: 978.948.7985

Please call BEFORE shipping anything to us.

Thank you for your interest.

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