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Books and articles by Brodsky and Treadway
<center><b>BOOKS by Bob Brodsky and Toni Treadway</b></center>

SUPER 8 IN THE VIDEO AGE Third edition, August 1988. Paperback. Pub: Brodsky & Treadway. now OP. 125pp. illustrated. Third ed. approx, 8,500 in print to 1999. First edition, March 1982, out of print. Second edition, 1983, OP.

EL SUPER 8 EN LA ERA DEL VIDEO Spanish edition. September 1983. 1,000 dist. Paperback. Publication made possible by grant from The Ford Foundation.

CIRCLE 8: AN INDEX TO 8MM AND SUPER 8 FILMMAKERS May 1988, 63 pages, 4,000 dist. Treadway, ed. Pub: International Center for 8mm Film and Video, Inc.

FOREIGN CORRESPONDENCE: THE INTERNATIONAL SUPER 8 PHENOMENON May 1986, magazine format monograph, 32 pages. A collection of articles and photographs from 21 filmmakers. Project director: Toni Treadway. Pub: International Center for 8mm Film and Video, Inc.

(most jointly authored by Brodsky and Treadway)

"Little Film's Little Media Center" Case study of B&T and IC8 for NAMAC, National Alliance of Media Arts and Culture July 2000

"B&T's Little Film Notebook" Newsletter including lab, stocks, hardware, technology updates, news of filmmakers, articles, editorials on small gauge filmmaking. Feb 1989 to March 2001, 22 issues, newsletter of the International Center for 8mm Film. Toni Treadway, writer, researcher, editor, publisher.Now published on LittleFilm.org website.

"Use and Abuse of Small Gauge Film" article by Toni Treadway based on paper given at UFVA annual conference. IDA's newsletter Independent Documentary Jan/Feb 1997

"Super 8 update" Spring 1996 The Independent, published by Foundation for Independent Video and Film, NYC

"Computer Editing Priced for Penny-Pinchers" Dec 1990 The Independent, published by Foundation for Independent Video and Film, NYC

"Super 8 Processing Scorecard" Aug/Sept 1990 The Independent

"Exhibiting Super 8 Film: Technical Hints" Media Arts, Vol 2, #5 May 1990 published by NAMAC (National Alliance of Media Arts Centers) through the Academy Foundation, Beverly Hills, CA.

"Amateur Auteurs on the International Circuit" Jan/Feb 1990, The Independent

"Black and White Super 8" July 1989, The Independent

"Step by Step Postproduction Strategies" April 1989, The Independent

"Super 8 Salvage: Finding and Restoring Used Film Equipment" Jan. 1989, The Independent

"Odyssean Adventures: 1988 Leicester and Brussels International Super 8 Film and Video Festivals", June 1988, The Independent

"Fresh Breezes" April 1988, International Forum of Super 8, published by Exit Art, NYC

"Super 8 Resurgence from Coast to Coast", Jan. 1988 The Independent

"Successful Audio before Digital", Aug/Sept. 1987, The Independent

"Basic Survival In Super 8", July 1987, The Independent

"Think Small: Super 8 and 8mm-to-Video", Nov. 1986, The Independent

"Field Report: Tunisian Amateur Hours", Jan/Feb 1986, The Independent

"Lab Notes: Super 8 Processing and Printing" November 85, The Independent

reprinted in the program booklet of the 16th Annual Ann Arbor 8mm Film Festival

reprinted as Super 8 poster, Feb. 1986, pub. by IC8FV Reprint of excerpt from "Super 8 in the Video Age" Nov. 1985 IMAGE newsletter, Atlanta

"Visit to Kodak" July 85, The Independent

"Visual Aesthetics" May 85 Release Print, published by Film Arts Foundation, SF

Reprinted in Visions, published by Boston Film/Video Foundation, '85.

"New York City 8mm Filmmakers" May 85, The Independent

"Checking Out Your Super 8 Camera" May 85, Ibid.

"Education: Super 8 Makes the Grade" Dec. 84, Ibid. reprinted in IMAGE newsletter, Atlanta, Feb. 1985

"Rocks Lying 'Round" Autumn 84, Media Arts, published by NAMAC, "Kodavision 8mm Video" Nov. 84, The Independent

reprinted in The Independent Producer, pub. Small Format Audio Visual, Inc. Spring 85

"Russian Amateur Filmmaking" July 84, The Independent

"Bridging the Language Gap: Visuals and Subtitles for Cross-Cultural Communication" May 84, Ibid.

"Brussels: Tips from Abroad" April 84, Ibid.

"Taking Stock" Jan/Feb 84, Ibid.

"Projection Problems and Solutions" Sept 83, The Independent

reprinted in Media Arts, published by NAMAC
reprinted in The Independent Producer 5/85, pub: Small Format Audio Visual

"B&T's International Snapshot Album" June 83, The Independentv "The State of Things: Media Arts Centers" April 83, Ibid.

reprinted in Media Arts, pub. by NAMAC

"Tracking Sounds: Small Format Audio Post-Production" Dec 82, The Independent

"Notes from the Caracas Festival" Oct. 82, Ibid.

"Kodak's New Ektachrome" Jan. 82, Filmmakers Film & Video Monthly, pub: Suncraft Intl.

"Super 8 Cameras IV: What Money Will & Won't Buy" Dec 81, Ibid.

"Camera Selection III: Ground Glass Addiction" Nov 81, Ibid.

"Cameras Selection II: Paying for Quiet" Oct. 81, Ibid.

"Which Super 8 Camera?" Sept 81, Ibid.

"Myths That Do Us No Good" July 81, Ibid.

reprinted in Visions pub. by Boston Film/Video Foundation

"Chronicle of a Master: Jean Rouch" June 81, Filmmakers Film & Video Monthly

"Equipping the American Boats" May 81, Ibid.

"Stories from Montreal" April 81, Ibid.

"Corporate Update on Super 8" Mar 81, Ibid.

"Filming Around Africa" Feb 81, Ibid.

"Portable Xenon Projection" Jan 81, Ibid.

"Single System Editing with the Goko" Dec 80, Ibid.

"Dealing with Factory Repair Shops" Nov 80, Ibid.

"Chinon's Corporate Offerings" Oct 80, Ibid.

"Canadian Broadcasting Honors Super 8 Documentary" Sept 80, Ibid.

"Highlights from Toronto" Aug 80, Ibid.

"Kodak, You're Destroying Our Films!" July 80, Ibid.

"Lab Services: State of the Art" June 80, Ibid.

"Bright Light in Super 8 Projection" May 80, Ibid.

"Super 8 at Work in Business" April 80, Ibid.

"Canon 1014XL-S for Super Sound" Mar 80, Ibid.

"Doubleband Projectors" Feb 80, Ibid.

"Super 8 and Video at the National Film Board" Jan 80, Ibid.

"Headphone Monitoring" Nov 79. Ibid.

"Super 8 Prints from Internegatives" Sept 79, Ibid.

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