A quick introduction to 9.5mm film

"Nine point five millmeter" movie film is the oldest of the four amateur motion picture film gauges, dating from 1922. It is characterized by a sprocket hole in the middle, in between the images. Today in Europe there are still filmmakers and cine-club members who love to use 9.5mm film and consider it superior in many ways to the amateur film gauges that followed it, 16mm, 8mm and Super 8. The 9.5 mm gauge was popular in Europe yet occasionally you find reels in family collections in North America. Many titles were distributed in 9.5mm for entertainment at home so not all the 9.5mm films you find will be unique home movies. However, due to its longevity -eight decades of the Twentieth Century- each reel of movie film should be considered special and unique until proven otherwise. We recommend you research the title and contents of every reel you find.

Please do not project your films unless you have determined they are still in good condition. Store film cool and dry. Your original film, when well stored, will last far longer than any of today's electronic media.

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